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Strategic Advisory Services

Opportunity Evaluation (Business Development and Capture)

Proposal Writing/Solutioning

Services: Services

Solution and Strategic Advisory Services

  • Work with client and partners to define problem and establish requirements.

  • Provide solution ideas and options to solve issues and define upcoming tasks.

  • Provide strategic advise on next steps and determine steps and
    tasks for execution.


Opportunity Development and Capture

  • Gather intelligence on opportunities by communicating with clients,   acquisitions leadership and strong relationships within the industry. 

  • Develop a teaming approach and rationale based on gathered intelligence and gap analysis.

  • Maintain Opportunity Capture Plan throughout the life-cycle of the opportunities.

  • Execute business development processes from lead identification, pipelinemanagement, teaming strategy, win themes, proposal development, and price-to-win approaches.


Program and Project Solutioning/Proposals

  • Develop overall win strategy, themes, and discriminators; and weave those into responses.

  • Contribute to solution development, proposal documentation, and pricing. 

  • Determine price to win and pricing strategy, basedon Level-of-Effort and skills required.

  • Participate in kick-off, technical approach solutioningand strategy discussions, and color team reviews.

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